May 22: Sinne Eeg

Sinne Eeg

Sinne Eeg

Stay tuned for an exciting concert with vocalist Sinne Eeg, piano professor George Colligan, and saxophone alumna Nicole Glover! The show will take place from 5-7 pm in Lincoln Hall, Room 75.

Eeg is one of the strongest new female vocalists from the Scandinavian jazz scene. With 5 albums Sinne Eeg has established herself as a Danish jazz singer with international potential.

Eeg’s distinctive vocals have earned her a loyal and ever-growing fan base around the world as well as in her native country. As a singer she is influenced by Nancy Wilson, Betty Carter and Sarah Vaughan, but with her personal touch of soft darkness, Sinne keeps the Scandinavian melancholy settled in her music.
Since the release of the album “Waiting For Dawn” (2007) Sinne has won several music awards in Denmark.

More on Eeg at


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